What's with the name?

It's a play on the word microcosm, namely we're a microcosm of menus!

How do I get my restaurant listed?

Simply send us an email via our contact form or tweet us and we'll happily add your restaurant for you

Can I log-in and create an account?

Unfortunately not at the moment but we'd certainly like to have that in the future for sure, along with a whole other range of features for both restaurant owners and diners. For now though, we're simply building up our content and user base.

What are the price ranges for restaurants?

These are based on the avergae cost of a main course in a restaurant. They're just a rough guide, it's not an exact science! They breakdown as follows:

  • €: up to €15
  • € €: from €15 to €23
  • € € €: from €24 to €29
  • € € € €: from €29 upwards