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Red Wine List

Memorie / Canto rosso (Toscana)
Blended wine from Tuscany. A ruby red colour wine with velvety and pleasant balanced taste. It is fresh and fruity with hints of cherries and red berries
6.00 20.90
Sangiovese Rubicone Igt (Emilia)
he name may refer either to the yokes, which are typical of the hilly landscape, which either to the blood of Jove (Sanzve's in the Romagnolo dialect).
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Abruzzo)
King of the Central Italy’s Grapes, it’s honest, pleasant and tannic red with a typical vinous nose. At its best with meat courses.
Chianti (Toscana)
Ruby red color, it has good body and persistant aroma with hints of cherries and spices. Round wine.
Merlot (Veneto)
Deep red color with typical intense and adorable wine flavour.
6.50 26.90
Cabernet (Veneto)
Characterized by ripe black cherry flavors that can give a perception of sweetness as well as strong notes of black currant.
6.50 26.90
Pinot Noir (Veneto)
When it’s great, Pinot noir produces the most complex, hedonistic and remarkably thrilling red wine in the world.
7.00 29.90
Valpolicella (Veneto)
Valpolicella’s classic hint of cherry and other red fruit. Full and round in your mouth.
Nero d'Avola (Sicilia)
The most important red wine grape in Sicily
Chianti ORGANIC (Toscana)
Ruby red color, it has good body and persistant aroma with hints of cherries and spices. Super wine from Tuscany.
7.50 37.90
Primitivo di manduria (Puglia)
Bouquet of dark berries and cherries rich with long and warm finish
Salice Talentino Riserva (Puglia)
Full-body wine with spicy aroma.Hint of fruits of the forest and herbs
Barbera (Piemonte)
Superb. Fresh wine with intense bouquet
Valpolicella Ripasso (Veneto)
Sweetish, soft yet powewrful, fresh full-flavoured with traces of tannin. Spicy aftertaste.
Merlot Terre San Leonardo (Trentino)
Intense ruby red, it has a broad, pervasive nose with lingering notes of tabacco and intringuing hint of vanilla and cocoa powder.
Dolcetto d’Alba (Piemonte)
The Dolcetto is deeply rooted in the tradition of the Langhe. It has black cherry and some prune flavors with tipically bitter finish.
Castello di Bolgheri (Toscana)
A super Tuscans wine. The aroma is characterized by black berry fruit, ripe and sweet.
Nebbiolo (Piemonte)
Very elegant wine. It is a particularly gentle and sapid expression of the variety.
Mentesco Masottina (Veneto)
Intense ruby red, Its aroma is reminiscent of red fruit jam (blackberry, strawberry, raspberry) and is accompanied by the scent of oriental spices (cinnamon). Asthonishing.
Amarone (Veneto)
There are no enough words to describe a very well known Italian wine. Take your time time to savor this magnificent wine.
Barolo (Piemonte)
The king of Italian wines. it is a wine of great complexity and elegance, characterised by a particular persistence of flavours.
Finca Nueva Rioja Riserva Rioja DO
Tempranillo. Silky, smooth and spicy – evokes the scents and flavour of northern Spain.
New Zealand
Pinot Noire Paper road (Wairarapa)
From Paddy Borthwick one of the best New Zeland young wine makers. Full of soft black berries, balanced and with a hint of spice from 6 monts of french oak.
Pinot Noir Old Coach Road (Nelson)
Lively and druit driven with cherry and berry flavour
Shiraz Hungerford Hill
Generous ripe fruits dominate the nose with hints of pepper and chocolate. The subtle use of oak produces soft tannins with a fruit driven palate.
Shiraz Muddy
Black ink in colour gives an insight to the depth and richness of the wine. The aroma profile is of dark blackcurrants, ripe plums, chocolate coconuts, white pepper, bay leaf and other eastern spices.
South Africa
Merlot Bluish black Post House (Stellenbush)
The wine spent 8 months in French Oak and can be kept for up to 4 years.
Malbec Santa Ana (Mendoza River)
Fruity and unoaked red wine with an expectional varietal character.
Malbec Chakana (Mendoza)
Very dark, full bodied and spicy wine. Rich and satisfying.